Surface coating

They are specially formulated resins with high mechanical strengths and ease of application that, incorporated into the ornamental stone manufacturing process, provide productivity increases with quality gains and reduction of losses that happen in conventional processes.

They are produced and supplied in three formulations.

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The polyurea used in coatings presents very high performance, with adherence to the most diverse substrates. It has excellent results in aggressive environments both chemically and physically.

Given its enormous anti-corrosion and surface protection potential, polyurea currently has a wide range of applications, whether in the markets of oil and gas , industrial, environmental, etc., or as protective and waterproofing solutions in construction, and the material can be exposed directly to vehicular traffic and/or people movement.

Application: Transportation/wagons; tanks and process equipment; stabilization of soils and dams; primary and secondary containment levee; waste treatment; coating of pipes.

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