Thermoplastic Elastomers

FCC is the most diversified Latin American manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers, the optimal candidate for replacing the most conventional rubbers.

Thermoplastic elastomers are a mixture of polymers which, when above their melting temperature, may be molded and processed into various products. They are almost as malleable as traditional rubber, but with much greater versatility, especially in processing, which results in a variety of applications.

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Flexible and Elastic as rubber – is up to 30% lighter than PVC and up to 40% more than vulcanized rubber.

High quality TPE produced by FCC is highly valued for applications in extruded or injected parts that require flexibility and velvety touch. At your home, our TPE is in tool cable finishing and toothbrushes. It is in the buttons of your appliances and even in the sealing of food pots.

Application: FCC’s TPE can be found in toys, gifts, household appliances, medical devices and syringe plungers, window seals, casters, flexible hoses, automotive sealings, air ducts, among others.

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Resistant to temperatures up to 135°C (275ºF), FCC’s tpv has easy adhesion in PP and PE and is fully recyclable.

TPV is very important for applications that require high thermal resistance, such as parts in an automobile engine. In your day to day you find the tpv in parts such as hoods and window profiles of your car.

Application: FCC’s TPV can be found in seals, car window seals, wires and cables, tool cables, air ducts and household appliances, among others.

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TPU has optimal mechanical and chemical properties, such as elastic memory, perfectly resistant to oil and grease contact and to wear. It is used in applications that require high chemical and mechanical resistance, such as the wheels of a supermarket trolley or a skateboard.

Application: The FCC TPU can be found on conveyor belt rollers, pulleys, gaskets and sealing rings, gears, tubes, hoses, wires and coatings, soles, bats and shoes absorbers, cell phone covers, among others.

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Flexible and elastic as rubber – is up to 30% lighter than PVC and up to 40% more than vulcanized rubber. The versatile product can replace the use of rubber, PVC and micro PVC by injecting the soles.

Application: Footwear soles.

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EVA is the ideal material for parts where lightness and flexibility are essential, giving a soft touch and high grip to the soles. The lightness and flexibility is allied with the color durability and versatility. Its resistance to the kneading makes it possible to apply the compound in several projects.

Application:: You will find the FCC’s EVA in products such as sports shoe midsole, infant bike tires, fishing floats, flip-flops, and beach sandals.

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