Polimerics Mortars

Product developed for the laying of bricks or blocks and that is ready for use. 20x more yield than conventional mortar (cement, lime and sand mix). Meets all requirements of NBR 15.575 and NBR 16590 Standards.

DunDun Mortar is an exclusive FCC technology. The product originated in the early 80’s and was developed jointly with industry institutions.
Massa DunDun provides unparalleled mechanical performance and durability on the market, using nanoparticles organized into structures that ensure optimal distribution of their polymeric compounds.

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Increased productivity: It is easy to store and transport inside the work. It can be applied by the helper, while the bricklayer rests the blocks. A wall can be erected 3x faster.

Proven quality: The only polymer mass in Brazil with durability proof through tests in climatic chambers of accelerated aging.

Evaluated with tests and studies carried out by reference institutions such as USP, IPT, UFScar, UFRGS, UFSC and UFSM.

The only polymer mass that meets all the requirements of the new civil construction standard, NBR 15.575.

Ready to use: Just apply two fillets with 1cm each on the bricks or blocks. Reduces up to 95% of the required inputs. Does not require water, sand, lime or cement mixer.

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