Markets we operate

Our products are present in footwear, furniture, automobiles, buildings, toys, electronics, medical equipment and personal hygiene products, as well as domestic utilities.


Our products are in the fences of headlights, hoods, sealing profiles, levers, door handles, mirror seals, air conditioning, air ducts, dust cover, cowl top, spoilers, finishes, plugs, coatings, among others.

Of components that require resistance to high temperatures, until finishes. FCC products for this market are multifunctional and are present in various parts of a car.

All major car brands produced in Brazil have FCC products.

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Our technology is in leather, midsole, sole, insole, stabilizer, shock absorber, buttress, collar, inner foam and shoe lining. Just like the shoe block.

The importance of the FCC in national footwear is a result of the constant development of technologies that provide faster processes, with fewer steps, where more can be done with less. Proof of this is the Meta System, Primer SUV, Easy TPU, TR Emborrachado, as well as others. We have a complete line and we are present at all stages of the process.

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Furniture, upholstery and mattresses are present in our homes, bringing practicality, beauty and a more comfortable environment. We produce adhesives for small, medium and large furniture industries of the country.

Our technology is in border collars, tamburato, bolts, mattresses, foams and fabrics

Mechanical Metal Industry

Our technology is in air vents, windows, windshields, package carriers, floors, wheelchairs and inter-sheets of a bus. Transport is essential for the economic vitality, quality of life and efficiency of modern cities.

FCC products are present in more than 70% of national bus production.
We are also the largest manufacturers of agroindustrial equipment, FCC is the leading manufacturer of silo and body seals in Latin America., Wheelchairs and interleaves of a bus. Transport is essential for the economic vitality, quality of life and efficiency of modern cities.

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Our technology is in the laying of masonry, in the gluing and sealing of PVC pipes, swimming pools, tents, floors, gutters, stainless steel sheets, frames, tiles, among others.

Civil construction is one of the most important segments of the Brazilian economy, generating jobs for millions of people. Our products for this market range from small repairs to the plumbing of your residence to complex engineering works such as building walls in a building with more than 30 floors.

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This business area has 73 products with advanced polymer coatings technology. Unique chemical formulations are designed to create products that have elasticity, tear resistance, corrosion, oxidation, abrasion, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Surface preparation, protection and coating for the oil and gas, civil construction, infrastructure, power generation, waterproofing and sanitation industries, such as: sewage treatment process facilities, storage tanks and potable water pipelines, oil, saltwater immersion, storage of tailings, etc.

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Health and Hygiene

Our technology is in razors, inhalers, hair brushes, dental brushes, syringe plungers, ear protectors, teethers, baby bottles, orthodontic rubbers, cosmetic bottles, among others.

Soft touch, high grip (grip) and appearance finish are important attributes for the development of toothbrushes, shavers and many other products for the health and hygiene market.

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Our technology is in toys, knobs, appliances, castors, thermos bottle sealing, packaging sealing and food pots.

In the domestic utility market, our thermoplastics are present in many applications due to their ease of processing. These products are easily found in the food can seals, tool handles and thermos bottles.

All products that have direct contact with food are
certified according to FDA and ANVISA standards.

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